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The Mastery Series is a compilation of our most powerful real estate growth tools, perfected and proven over the last 20 years. 

BROKERS: This is the ultimate plug-and-play training system that will transform the output of your sales team immediately.

AGENTS: This is the action packed process you'll with you'd had from the start. No cliche motivational hype and long-winded philosophy; just specific examples and actual tactics you can start doing this minute to make more money.


The Business Planning Manual

The only thing missing between where you are and where you could be is a good plan. This is a down-to-earth workbook you can use for goal-setting, growing your income, and discovering where your time should be going. 

The Listing Presentation Manual

Listings are the most important leverage to your business growth; get more listings and watch your profits grow exponentially. And when it comes to getting listings, your presentation is everything. This process will teach you how to immediately set yourself apart and become a sought-after selling agent.

The Buyer Presentation Manual

You're too talented to be working for free. But if you're not careful, you'll be donating hours and hours to people who will never pay you a dime. This is the proven process for weeding out the time-leechers and attracting only the high-value prospects that will make you more money in less time.

The Past Client System Manual

You know you should be staying in touch with your customer database, but it always gets put on the back burner because of the "urgent" matters of today. This tactic-packed guide will teach you step-by-step process to attract the most profitable customer in the world; the one you already have.

The Lead Generation Manual

You've watched the training videos, attended every sales rally, and shelled out big cash for seminars. You're trying every lead tactic in the book, but you're still not getting traction. Want to know a secret? It's not about the tactics. It's about your PRESENTATION! This manual will teach you the tactics for an ever-ending sea of high value prospects.